Collaborate with Sussex Film Office

Are you a council or organisation that would like to be part of our film friendly network and have your location promoted? Then look no further, we're here to help! 

We provide film liaison and production support for companies and individuals planning and undertaking filming or photo shoots in the area. Utilising local businesses and industry experts we show off what Sussex has to offer and help to boost the local economy. 

Why do people use the Sussex Film Office?
A fast one stop shop for production companies 
We negotiate fees to suit all parties
Free and easy to use permit application system 
Excellent liaison and support services 
We help to boost Sussex's economy
Local work for local industry experts
Understanding of SSSI ( Site of Special Scientific Interest) and working with Natural England
Promoting Sussex to a targeted market with a database of over 20,0000 industry contacts
Keeping disruption to a minimum to maximise stakeholder loyalty and repeat opportunities 
Unparalleled knowledge of filming throughout East and West Sussex 
Fantastic experience of working with filmmakers
We are also building our own filmmakers funding pot.

Suggested ways to collaborate
We can work together to ensure production companies are provided with a smooth process, enabling the council to generate additional revenue for local suppliers and their own property and services. We will do this by:

Ensuring location fees are suitable for the type and size of the production to encourage filmmakers to return
Utilising land and property for filming, unit bases and production offices
Working together to provide additional opportunities for economic growth 
Implementing our free permit application system to work efficiently with both parties

To find out more contact Kelly on 01903 885379 or email

Utilising our Free Filming Application System