450 Classic Movies To Return To Cinemas

Many cinemas are due to reopen next month, if Government approval is given, but with productions of films being put on hold due to Coronavirus the big question is what will they be showing?

To help cinemas bring in audiences they have been give 450 classic movies to show whilst we wait for the blockbusters to return to the big screen. It is a varied collection aiming to attract all types of audiences and get people back in the habit of going to the cinema for entertainment, family days out and date nights.

Highlights include all Harry Potter films, all of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, The Matrix, The Empire Strikes Back, When Harry Met Sally, Hot Fuzz, Some Like It Hot and Old Boy. With so many classic films to choose from the lure of nostalgia may just draw audiences in.

But it isn’t just the movies shown that will be different to the normal cinema experience, as social distancing and less screening is expected. Cineworld, who are set to open on 10th July, subject to the go-ahead from the Government, have updated their booking system to allow people from the same household to sit together whilst ensuring a distance between other households. There will also be staggered film times, but they will still be offering food and drinks.

The Government also allowed outdoor cinemas to reopen this week as part of the gradual easing of lockdown. Currently there aren’t many outdoor cinemas across the country but this may be the future of cinemas and we might just see more popping up.