5 Reasons To List Your Property

Extra Income: Renting out your property for filming locations can provide an additional stream of income. Filmmakers are often willing to pay well for unique and suitable locations for their projects.

Exposure and Promotion: Your property gets exposure through films, TV shows, and advertisements. This exposure can lead to increased visibility, potentially attracting future renters, buyers, or visitors interested in your property.

Preservation and Restoration: Film productions often come with resources to restore or enhance your property if it fits their needs. They may make repairs or modifications, improving the property’s aesthetics or functionality.

Networking Opportunities: Engaging with film productions can open doors to networking opportunities within the film industry. This might lead to further collaborations or connections with other filmmakers and professionals.

Pride and Prestige: Having your property featured in films or TV shows can bring a sense of pride and prestige. It’s exciting to see your space on screen, and it can be a unique talking point among friends and family.

Listing your property with Sussex Film Office can be a mutually beneficial arrangement, offering financial incentives while providing filmmakers with the perfect backdrop for their projects.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to list your location.