A Prime Fashion Shoot Location

For fashion photographers keen to play with country and coastal textures, Seven Sisters Country Park in East Sussex is a treasure trove. 

Chalk, flint and pebbled beach

The Seven Sisters are a series of seven rolling grass-topped white cliffs between Seaford and Eastbourne on the south coast. Besides the stark backdrop of the white cliffs themselves, chalky white pathways meander across the hills, and when the tide goes out it reveals water-worn chalk formations and the undulating textures of the chalk reef that runs below the pebbled beach and into the waves.  

Within the park there’s also the opportunity to shoot against the distinctive rough texture of traditional Sussex flint walls, the old flint barn detailed with wood.Grasses, seaweed and gorse

The close-cropped grass on the cliff tops is studded with wildflowers in the late spring and summer, broken in parts of stands of gorse and shrubs. In the valleys there are stands of trees and meadows of long, flowing grass and wildflowers swaying through wooden fences. While on the beach, striking shingle vegetation pokes through the pebbles, and low tide exposes the shimmery seaweed-covered reef. Water and wide-open skies

On a bright day, the waters of the English Channel off the Seven Sisters can be a surprisingly glorious aquamarine, while the meandering turns of the Cuckmere River are flat and gentle, flowing between beds of reeds. With the right planning, it is possible to film and shoot on the open stretches between the reedbeds, and the meanders make an elegant backdrop when filmed from the cliffs.  

The views and play of light from the top of the cliffs or from the beach are magnificent too – brooding and grey one day, starkly blue the next, with sunsets across the sea in winter and over the hills in summer. Tracks, paths, fences and gates

The natural landscape is contained in places by traditional wood-post fences and wooden gatesMuddy tracks and paved roads lead up to remote valleys, and white chalk walking-paths bisect the green hills.  

More about Seven Sisters Country Park

Seven Sisters Country Park is between Seaford and Eastbourne on the East Sussex coast. It’s less than two hours from London. Want to know more?  Discover our 7 reasons Seven Sisters is such a great shoot location… 

Getting a filming permit for Seven Sisters

Sussex Film Office manages all filming permit requests oh behalf Seven Sisters. We can process requests speedily and tell you exactly what’s possible. Contact us to discuss what you need.