Sussex Film Office

The best place to make your productions


Founded in 2016 by Kelly Mikulla, the Sussex Film Office provides a complete film production support service to anyone looking to film in the area. 
Based in the historic market town of Arundel, we work closely with film-makers and photographers to offer a full personal and professional service, accessing the best of what Sussex has to offer by drawing on close relationships with local suppliers, councils and location hosts to help projects run smoothly, safely, and on time. 
We have worked closely with over 2500 productions, including commercials, top fashion shoots, micro projects and major feature films. We have generated over £15 million for local councils, businesses and the community, making Sussex one of the top locations for filming outside of London. 
 “It’s our aim to make sure that filming in Sussex is a brilliant experience for all.”


From finding a location, to arranging crew and cast, to applying for the right permits, we offer the full wrap around service to make quality film-making happen. Producers can select just one of our services, or we can offer a comprehensive film fixer service. We pride ourselves on our connections and making things happen, fast. 

We can help with: 
  • Finding a location 
  • Processing permits and road closures 
  • Liaising with location hosts and councils 
  • Sourcing cast 
  • Sourcing crew 
  • Hiring equipment 
  • Catering 
  • Clean up 
  • Communications 
  • Local press 
If you are looking for production support or would like to find out more about joining our network of cast, crew or suppliers, please call us on 01903 885379 or send us an email