Humble Bee Films recently announced their latest new series, Airborne. It is an exhilarating four-part series that infiltrates the sky worlds – celebrating and unraveling the unique challenges and ultimate freedom of defying gravity. From great soaring albatrosses to leaping lemurs, and from gliding tree frogs to elegant monarch butterflies… this series is an astonishing and revelatory adventure into the wonderfully diverse world of life in the air. In each episode, experience the freedom of a true bird’s-eye-view as the creatures of the sky world learn to catch air, snatch in-flight meals, navigate crowded skies and soar through the most challenging environments on the planet. Fully immersed in each unique world, charismatic characters take center stage as we follow their trials and triumphs, adding drama and delight to each amazing airborne story. The audience is flown right across the planet into adjacent worlds, with each individual story as equally intriguing as the next.

We facilitated filming over at Brighton seafront, where the team captured footage of starlings around Brighton Pier.

It is coming soon(ish) to Sky TV and Love Nature so keep an eye out – we simply cannot wait to watch this stunning series!