Brighton: A Wonderland of Versatile Filming Locations!

Why Brighton?

Brighton, with its diverse blend of seaside charm, historic architecture, and a vibrant community, is a stunning city perfect for filmmakers! 

The city has a setting for all filming requirements, be it for a contemporary production, a period drama, or a futuristic sci-fi! Brighton’s reputation as a hub for creativity infuses any production with a unique flair that attracts filmmakers seeking authenticity and character.

The value of UK double locations…

Double locations are becoming more and more popular in the filming industry. With the rise of strikes in the US and more funding schemes becoming available in the UK; UK-based filmmakers are not only looking for locations closer to home, but those across the world are turning to the UK. Brighton is a brilliant example of how versatile UK locations can be, creating the illusion of London, Australia, France, America, Spain, and India all in one place!

Brighton Doubles

Below we have highlighted a few examples of just how easily Brighton can be transformed into locations around the world, have we put pictures of the city above or below? Find out at the end…

London Housing

London Parks and Green Spaces

Australian Beach Huts

French Promenade & Seafront

Spanish Beaches

American Beach Basketball Court

Indian Architecture

London Train Stations

London King’s Cross railway station

Film in Brighton

Did you guess correctly? Pictures of Brighton are below those of major filming locations! 

Only 50 miles from London, Brighton is a filmmaker’s dream, so what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to kickstart your pre-production journey in this wonderful film city!

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