Brighton Rocks International Film Festival 2024

Brighton Rocks is home to films that fit with the City of Brighton’s out-there creative universe. Brighton is a mecca for artists from all walks of life. It is also a state of mind, an attitude, a spirit – one that dares to be itself. Are you ready to see if your film belongs here?​

Brighton Rocks International Film Festival welcomes submissions for the 7th year running.​​ ​​Brighton Rocks is a young festival with big ambitions: to give maximum support to emerging filmmakers and to become the UK’s main forum for indie and underground cinema. When you submit to Brighton Rocks, we pledge that your film will be reviewed by professionals with TLC. Our primary concern is how, not whether, to curate and screen your work. If your film embodies our attitudes and aspirations and fits into one or more of our categories, we want to help you get the recognition it deserves! 

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS will be notified throughout the year.
BRIFF SCREENING PROGRAMME will be published on/prior to 1 June 2024.
WINNERS will be revealed at the festival 26-30 June 2024​.