Can’t Sell Must Sell

Can’t Sell Must Sell is a new prime time six part series for Channel 4, following brother and sister property developers Scarlette and Stuart Douglas, using their creative expertise to help home owners desperate to sell their properties by transforming them into every potential buyer’s dream home. Thanks to rising interest rates, properties are now taking on average twice as long to sell as this time last year, and any that are less than perfect are stuck on the market. From wallpaper that the 80s forgot, to clashing colour schemes and unusual collections on display, the list of things that can put buyers off is endless. Stuart and Scarlette will use every trick up their sleeves to help get these properties market-ready, quickly and on a budget. With one home each to tackle every week, Stuart and Scarlette will go head to head to see who can pull off the biggest transformation, before our house hunters, who visit the houses before and after the makeover, pass judgement. Stuart and Scarlette also share innovative take home tips and tricks that are useful for any homeowner looking to get their property sold quickly. Each episode ends with a breath taking reveal of both properties, before our cast of house hunters decide that week’s winning property.

South Shore got in touch with us back in October as they needed help to arrange filming on various streets around West Sussex. The first series is still in production but keep your ears to the ground for a release date on Channel 4 this year!