Car stills shoot for Toyota Aygo

Car stills shoot for Toyota Aygo – Worthing

We recently blogged about SIMS Images’ need for a suitable backdrop to capture Marketing and PR stills for the Lexus NX Plug-in Hybrid. Further to providing a selection of locations, a private residence in a rural setting in Plumpton, Lewes was used. 

SIMS Images also required help in sourcing locations for similar briefs from multiple clients. Toyota proved to be an easy brief to meet, with the location suggested by a Sussex-based member of the SIMS Images team.

Beach Parade, Worthing

Worthing is a historic seaside town situated in West Sussex. As one of the biggest seaside towns on the South Coast, Worthing is an integration of classic and contemporary, offering a variety of locations to photographers – including a Victorian Pier, National Parks and Medieval Monuments.

The town also offers a stunning coast road overlooking multiple beaches and provided the right location for the Toyota Aygo shoot – Beach Parade.

Toyota Aygo – car stills shoot

The shoot was planned in-line with the weather – the shoot required a clear, bright and sunny day – with a two-person crew. 

All images taken were static with no moving shots. The crew confirmed that any moving of the car would be done at walking pace with hazards on, utilising a banksman – their safety and that of the car and the public was paramount.

As well supporting the shoot with permit management for the location, we helped facilitate access to multiple areas off Beach Parade. The bollards on Merton Road needed to be lowered and the crew required parking for a kit car. With minimal equipment, the crew didn’t expect to return to the vehicle but wanted it to be close by given it housed cameras they weren’t using while on site. 

The shoot produced some stunning images with Bayside Social and Bayside Apartments in the background.  

We receive location enquiries for car stills shoots on a regular basis. With access to 1000s of locations we can meet all briefs and provide beaches/promenades, woodland and open space, as well as modern, contemporary and period residential properties, country roads and towns/cities with charm! Email us and we can help with your search:

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