William Morgan

Location Scout & Photographer


Town Based:



2 years scouting experience.

Areas Covered:

Vehicle Transport:




William Morgan is an experienced commercial photographer who has worked on projects in the UK and abroad. He has gained experience working predominantly in the architectural and interior industry and focuses on the natural landscape and built environment for personal projects. William is experienced and has a solid understanding of researching, scouting and photographing locations through his personal work over the years, and has now gained experience and has branched out into the film industry as a location scout and photographer. 

In his second year of scouting William has gained experience working on advertising campaigns for bike brands and manufacturers in Alicante and Iceland, commercials for popular cosmetics brands, feature films and music promo shoots in London, and Southern England. He is open to working in the UK and worldwide and can be self-sufficient driving with a clean driver’s license.

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