Bus Stop

  • Stunning Clifftop Location

    Stunning Clifftop Location

    The magnificent clifftop location is – at its peak being 162 metres above sea level – Britain’s highest chalk sea cliff with absolutely breathtaking views both inland and out to sea. Its famous lighthouses both atop the cliffs and in the sea below them, beautiful scenery and undulating coastline make it an absolutely stunning and…

  • Bustling High Street

    Bustling High Street

    Located in the heart of a popular coastal city lies this bustling street lined with a range of shops, eateries and other businesses. This is a great location for high street filming and photography.

  • City Street

    City Street

    Street lined with shops, cafés, restaurants, pubs and other businesses in the heart of a cathedral city. Great location for street/urban filming.

  • Victorian Railway Station

    Victorian Railway Station

    Victorian Railway station located in the heart of a popular city. It has a variety of interesting areas and features including creepy abandoned tunnels, a large concourse, retail units, storage areas, food kiosks, a timber platform, a high glass roof, rooftop walkways, ornate details, cafés, steel girders and surrounding roads. Plenty of great locations for…

  • Road Around City Station

    Road Around City Station

    Roads and tunnel around the large train station of a popular coastal city. Great location for gritty street filming.