• Rocky Beach Accessed Via Cliff Stairs

    Rocky Beach Accessed Via Cliff Stairs

    Located close to Beachy Head, this rocky beach with gullies can be accessed from the clifftop via steep stairs. A dramatic location for filming, extreme vigilance is required due to landslides and crumbling cliffs and the high tide risk alert.

  • Cliff Side Beach

    Cliff Side Beach

    This shingle beach with rocks and boulders lies at the bottom of cliffs, with access via concrete steps cut into the cliff face. The undercliff walk and promenade make it popular with fossil hunters, and the dramatic and imposing white chalk cliffs make it a stunning filming location.

  • Secluded Beach

    Secluded Beach

    A lovely, sandy, tranquil and relaxed place, this secluded beach is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest with a sand dune system and protected wildlife which, coupled with Napoleonic fort ruins and attractive views, make it a lovely location for filming.