• Concrete Multi-Storey Car Park

    Concrete Multi-Storey Car Park

    Located adjacent to Worthing seafront, this concrete multi storey car park has an open top floor which enjoys stunning sea views. This imposing and gritty location makes for a great place for urban filming and photography.

  • Multi-Storey Car Park

    Multi-Storey Car Park

    Concrete 259-space multi storey car park with open top floor and low sides, with views across the popular seaside town of Worthing. An urban, gritty location for filming and photography.

  • Car Park and Disused Toilets

    Car Park and Disused Toilets

    Car Park and disused toilets close to a residential area and overlooking the sea. A gritty, derelict setting for filming and photography.

  • Swing Bridge

    Swing Bridge

    Built in 1880, this restored, historic 27-tonne cast iron swing bridge crosses the River Ouse and is a Grade II listed structure open to pedestrians and cyclists. Located in a rural setting with beautiful downland scenery around it, this is a great backdrop for filming and photography.

  • Concrete Bridge Road

    Concrete Bridge Road

    Dramatic concrete road bridge with arch over dual carriageway, close enough to shoot from adjacent bridge and see pedestrians.

  • Multi-Storey Car Park

    Multi-Storey Car Park

    Open topped multi-storey car park located next to a river running through a small city. Great location for urban, gritty filming.

  • Two Lane Tunnel

    Two Lane Tunnel

    2 lane road tunnel running under the A27 on the very outskirts of Brighton. Gritty, urban setting great for road filming.

  • Urban Underpass

    Urban Underpass

  • Graffitied Underpass

    Graffitied Underpass

    A colourful graffitied underpass in a busy seaside town, this art-meets-gritty street life makes a fantastic urban filming location.

  • Sports Pitch and Spectator Gallery

    Sports Pitch and Spectator Gallery

    Show ring pavilion and surrounding area on the grounds of a large private estate. With the show ring, spectator balcony, terrace, industrial style building, car park and gritty feel, this is a versatile location for filming.