• Aerodrome and Modern House

    Aerodrome and Modern House

    Located close to a National Park, this gem of an aerodrome enjoys some fantastic views of the surrounding countryside. Features include two grass runways, a hangar with light planes, grass field, and a solar panel field. This is a perfect location for filming and photography, including all small flying shoots, drone shots, car-to-car on grass…

  • Car Park and Disused Toilets

    Car Park and Disused Toilets

    Car Park and disused toilets close to a residential area and overlooking the sea. A gritty, derelict setting for filming and photography.

  • Unit Base

    Unit Base

    Two car parks located at a pleasure park by the sea. Perfect location for a unit base.

  • Industrial Heritage Museum

    Industrial Heritage Museum

    Nestled in the rural heartland of a National Park is this open-air industrial heritage museum – formerly chalk pits with quarries, kilns and associated buildings. The museum focusses on transport, industry, communications, craft and nature through a variety of exhibits and features including industrial narrow-gauge and standard-gauge railways, trains, a village garage and cycle shop,…

  • Waterside Private Road

    Waterside Private Road

    Private road located on the site of a popular marina. Bordered by trees, shrubs, bushes and wooden fences, this is a great location for quiet road filming.

  • 200 Acre Woodland With Equestrian Centre

    200 Acre Woodland With Equestrian Centre

    Equestrian centre situated in 200 acres of ancient woodland with no unnatural built environment. Features include indoor and outdoor arenas, paddocks, space to park 100 horse boxes, woodland, pond, camping area and barns.

  • Sports Pitch and Spectator Gallery

    Sports Pitch and Spectator Gallery

    Show ring pavilion and surrounding area on the grounds of a large private estate. With the show ring, spectator balcony, terrace, industrial style building, car park and gritty feel, this is a versatile location for filming.

  • Brick Barn and Courtyard

    Brick Barn and Courtyard

    Situated in the grounds of a private estate is this large barracks-style brick building set on hardstanding ground and surrounded by various farm-style and industrial-style buildings. Great gritty, rundown looking location for filming and photography,

  • Large Car Park

    Large Car Park

    Huge hardstanding area located on a private estate – ideal location for a uni base or industrial style filming.

  • Private Land and Roads

    Private Land and Roads

    Private land belonging to a sports estate – a mixture of roads and open grass spaces with plenty of parking areas. Great filming location or unit base.