• Seaside Town By South Downs

    Seaside Town By South Downs

    Located at the foot of the South Downs and one of the largest towns in West Sussex, this is a seaside town with echoes of its old fishing town past and a rich history. With the famous Art Deco lido and pier, Ferris wheel and large beach as well as a varied history, a range…

  • Eclectic Seaside Town

    Eclectic Seaside Town

    This eclectic seaside town has a lot to offer filmmakers, from a wide range of architectural styles, an amazing beach and seafront, a Victorian pier and entertainment, to spectacular views and plenty of history. The town and all it has to offer means it is a sought after film and TV location.

  • Shop-Lined Street

    Shop-Lined Street

    Located in the heart of a popular coastal city lies this busy shopping street lined with an eclectic range of independent shops, bars and caf├ęs. With its hustle and bustle and its individuality, this is a fantastic location for city street filming and photoshoots.