Metal Barriers

  • Woodland


    Woodland setting in a popular recreational park on the outskirts of a large town on the edge of the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. A great location for nature filming and photography.

  • Waterside Private Road

    Waterside Private Road

    Private road located on the site of a popular marina. Bordered by trees, shrubs, bushes and wooden fences, this is a great location for quiet road filming.

  • Victorian Railway Station

    Victorian Railway Station

    Victorian Railway station located in the heart of a popular city. It has a variety of interesting areas and features including creepy abandoned tunnels, a large concourse, retail units, storage areas, food kiosks, a timber platform, a high glass roof, rooftop walkways, ornate details, caf├ęs, steel girders and surrounding roads. Plenty of great locations for…