• Nature Reserve

    Nature Reserve

    Nature reserve set on over 72 acres of land located towards the foot of the South Downs National Park and north of a coastal town and port. This site is important for its chalk grassland, but also has other habitats such as a small woodland and a dew pond. It is a haven for wildlife…

  • Downland Farm With Pylons

    Downland Farm With Pylons

    Set on over 1,200 acres, this is a mainly arable farm, with some pasture and livestock, set in the beautiful South Downs National Park. The farmyard contains a rustic farm shop, a collection of vintage tractors and corrugated steel barn and grain store. A perfect location for agricultural, countryside filming and photography.

  • 3 Farms With A Hidden Valley and Woodland

    3 Farms With A Hidden Valley and Woodland

    3 downland farms with arable land, pastures, stone barn and trees set in an incredible hidden valley. A beautiful location for rural filming and photography.

  • Stunning 20 Acre Estate

    Stunning 20 Acre Estate

    Private estate in the heart of the South Downs National Park comprising 20 acres of private woodland and pasture, 17th century Grade II listed manor house (with access to film in the main drawing room and the entrance to the house via the terrace), barn (for exterior shots), formal lake, walled garden, stream, bamboo walk,…