Railway Bridge

  • Railway Bridge Over River

    Railway Bridge Over River

    16-span, 360 metre long steel viaduct bridge constructed in replacement of the former bridge in 1896. The bridge crosses from a large recreational ground across to a residential area. An ideal backdrop location for filming and photography.

  • Riverside Recreation Ground

    Riverside Recreation Ground

    A great park and riverside filming location, this large recreation ground is home to large open spaces, wooded areas, a playground, an outdoor activity centre and a model car club.

  • Turreted and Castellated Tunnel

    Turreted and Castellated Tunnel

    Completed in 1841, this tunnel is notable for its turreted and castellated north portal with a single-storey cottage on the top. At 1 mile 499 yards (2,066 m), it is the longest tunnel on the route that it stands on. Located in the heart of the beautiful South Downs National Park, this is an impressive…