• Farm Under A Flyover

    Farm Under A Flyover

    Located under a busy flyover and close to the river is this farm, making for an unusual but interesting rural-meets-urban location for filming and photography.

  • Concrete Tunnel

    Concrete Tunnel

    Opened in 19801, this tunnel stretches for approximately 430 metres and bores through a chalk hillside at the eastern edge of a popular historic town.

  • Concrete Bridge Road

    Concrete Bridge Road

    Dramatic concrete road bridge with arch over dual carriageway, close enough to shoot from adjacent bridge and see pedestrians.

  • Cliff Side Beach

    Cliff Side Beach

    This shingle beach with rocks and boulders lies at the bottom of cliffs, with access via concrete steps cut into the cliff face. The undercliff walk and promenade make it popular with fossil hunters, and the dramatic and imposing white chalk cliffs make it a stunning filming location.

  • Concrete Road Tunnel

    Concrete Road Tunnel

    Large concrete road tunnel under the busy A27, towards the foot of the South Downs National Park.

  • Scenic Country Road

    Scenic Country Road

    Situated towards the foot of the South Downs National Park, this country road passes through beautiful countryside. It cuts along the incredible valley side and has amazing views into the river valley. A stunning location for rural road filming.

  • Seafront Lagoon

    Seafront Lagoon

    This beautiful lagoon is a bird and wildlife reserve, best for ‘background’ images. The shingle beach is great for water sports and also has a row of beach huts and a cycle path with sea / lagoon views. A lovely location for waterside filming.

  • City Centre

    City Centre

    Pedestrianised city centre, lined with shops, restaurants and cafes and other businesses, and with a Market Cross at its centre. With plenty of history, this is a great location for street filming and photography.

  • Waterside Private Road

    Waterside Private Road

    Private road located on the site of a popular marina. Bordered by trees, shrubs, bushes and wooden fences, this is a great location for quiet road filming.

  • Rural Bridge and Road

    Rural Bridge and Road

    Bridge crossing the busy London Road north of Brighton. Used by farm vehicles, there are stunning views of the surrounding countryside and would make a great location for rural / road filming.