• Medieval Village

    Medieval Village

    A beautiful little rural village with lots to do and popular with tourists. This medieval village is located near the eastern end of the South Downs Way in the valley of the River Cuckmere, is steeped in history, is full of character and enjoys stunning views across the countryside – a great location for filmmakers!

  • Pretty Sailing Village

    Pretty Sailing Village

    Famed for its sailing, the picturesque village sits on the Eastern shoreline of a popular harbour. It is the perfect base from which to discover more of the harbour, with the tiny ferry connecting a local village for endless walking and cycling possibilities. Its different architectural styles, water sports, wildlife, open spaces and incredible views…

  • Old and Pretty Village

    Old and Pretty Village

    Located on the edge of the High Weald, this pretty town is steeped in history and is a lovely, rural setting for filming and photography.

  • Grade I Listed Saxon Church

    Grade I Listed Saxon Church

    This church is of charming flint construction and stands on a slight rise above a river. Today with just a house or two for company it is hard to imagine that 700 years ago it was at the heart of a bustling port and crossing place of the river. As the river changed course and…