• Multi-Storey Car Park

    Multi-Storey Car Park

    Concrete multi storey car park with open top floor and low sides and views across the town. An urban, gritty location for filming and photography.

  • Cliff Side Beach

    Cliff Side Beach

    This shingle beach with rocks and boulders lies at the bottom of cliffs, with access via concrete steps cut into the cliff face. The undercliff walk and promenade make it popular with fossil hunters, and the dramatic and imposing white chalk cliffs make it a stunning filming location.

  • Brick and Concrete Car Park

    Brick and Concrete Car Park

    Brick and concrete with blue accents 1980s style multi-storey car park with open top floor, urban views and semi circular windows. Great location for gritty scene filming and photoshoots.

  • Park and Nature Centre

    Park and Nature Centre

    A 50 acre park with a zoo, golf course, lake, cafandeacute;, bouldering wall, playground, forest, outdoor gym, parking, manor house and great countryside views. A great place for all types of filming and photography.

  • Seafront Road and Promenade

    Seafront Road and Promenade

    Beachside road in a vibrant seaside city that runs along the base of a cliff with lovely views out to the sea. The road has an accompanying cycle path and promenade with a number bars, ornate archways, lampposts and stairs leading up to the city’s main coastal road. A fantastic seafront location for filming and…

  • Seafront Green

    Seafront Green

    Large grassy open space with a good sized car park, toilet block, kids playground, outdoor gym, skate park and a modern architecturally designed beach café and restaurant with gym, flat and hire rooms. Popular with kite surfers and paddle boarders. Plenty of choice as a film location!

  • Harbour House

    Harbour House

    1950s Art Deco style house with a light and modern interior in an ex-industrial building a stone’s throw from the banks of the River Adur and close to the harbour. A great location for contemporary filming and photoshoots.

  • Working Windmill

    Working Windmill

    6 sweep Post Mill which was rebuilt with a historically correct exterior on a steel frame. Beautiful setting and a great rural filming location.

  • Green Corridor In Coastal City

    Green Corridor In Coastal City

    Green corridor winding past apartment blocks, the train station, a goods yard and down an embankment to street level. An urban Site of Nature Conservation Interest, this community space is a haven for wildlife, and with its views from the top out over the city, this is a great location for filming and photography.

  • Graffitied Road

    Graffitied Road

    Located in a popular coastal city, this graffitied, rundown street is a great location for gritty, grungy filming and photography.