• Farm Under A Flyover

    Farm Under A Flyover

    Located under a busy flyover and close to the river is this farm, making for an unusual but interesting rural-meets-urban location for filming and photography.

  • Concrete Road Tunnel

    Concrete Road Tunnel

    Large concrete road tunnel under the busy A27, towards the foot of the South Downs National Park.

  • Canal


    Tow path running alongside a canal basin with some areas passing through open farmland and mature tree sections along the way. The canal is used for a range of activities such as fishing and rowing. A lovely spot for filming with a mixture of nature and town.

  • Urban Underpass

    Urban Underpass

  • Graffitied Underpass

    Graffitied Underpass

    A colourful graffitied underpass in a busy seaside town, this art-meets-gritty street life makes a fantastic urban filming location.

  • Parkland, Walkways and Underpass

    Parkland, Walkways and Underpass

    In the heart of a cathedral city is this area with a combination of open grass spaces, trees, pathways, cycle paths and a decorated underpass. An interesting location for city filming.

  • Graffitied Underpass

    Graffitied Underpass

    Located in wooded area, this small, graffitied underpass makes a great setting for urban, gritty filming or photo shoots.