Winding Road

  • Coastal Village

    Coastal Village

    Widely renowned as one of the most photogenic locations on the South Coast, this is also a village of historical significance, thanks to its reputed links with King Canute, who is said to have commanded the waves to retreat from here. King Canute’s daughter’s resting place is said to be below the foot of the…

  • Country Road

    Country Road

    Country road with views and horseshoe and gentle S bends located North of Brighton amid the beautiful South Downs National Park. A picturesque location for country road filming.

  • Winding Country Road

    Winding Country Road

    Winding country road towards the foot of the South Downs National Park. Set amongst rolling countryside, this is a beautiful location for countryside road filming.

  • Valley Side Landscape

    Valley Side Landscape

    Incredible valley side with amazing views into the river valley – some land below is part of the stunning Seven Sister Country Park. An absolutely beautiful location for filming and photography.

  • Rural High Street

    Rural High Street

    Winding road located in a tiny village in the heart of the South Downs National Park. Picturesque location for countryside road filming.