Filming During A Pandemic

Filming during this pandemic is challenging but not impossible, as Nick Wilson’s latest music video, which was shot on Climping Beach, shows.

The music video revolves around a veteran washed up on a beach and his final attempts to get home to his loved one and the production team were looking for the perfect location to suit it. We instantly recommended Climping Beach at low tide, as its wooden sea defences sticking up through the sand are reminiscent of beach defences during WW2. The team loved the sound of the location but due to not being local and the difficulty of traveling at this time to do a recce we headed down there to take lots of pictures and work out the logistics to send to them.

The result was fantastic! The one-shot video perfectly illustrates the story of a veteran stranded on a beach and his attempt to get home to his loved one and shows off the beauty of Climping Beach as a location. Gina Burns, Producer said about her experience working with us:

“Kelly at the Sussex Film Office went above and beyond to help source the perfect location for our music video. Planning a shoot during the Covid pandemic is no mean feat but with her help it was made possible, accommodating multiple recce’s and providing quality photography so that we could plan remotely with ease. We would certainly love to work with the SFO on future productions!”

View the video for Enough to know you by Nick Wilson below.