Football Focus

BBC’s Sports Division requested our help back in late January 2023 for a segment for their hit show Football Focus. They were following presenter Liam Loftus as he enjoyed a ‘sustainable match day’. Liam was travelling to the Brighton football fixture on Sunday 29th January, from Manchester. The brief was that he was to be as sustainable as possible, e.g. getting to the ground on public transport, and eating vegan food in recyclable packaging. They obtained permission directly from Brighton and Hove Albion to film at their ground, but we were on hand to ensure they could film in and around Brighton streets, liaising with Brighton & Hove City Council to get the relevant permits in place for filming on the 29th January. With a 2-day turnaround (we’re not afraid of a tight deadline!), we got everything sorted for them for his journey to take place – and received some great feedback:

“Working with the office was fantastic, given we got in touch on a Friday morning before weekend filming, with a lack of documents / finalised plan, the communication was great, so it never felt in doubt we could get the permit sorted in time.” – Will Caspari, Researcher.

Check out Liam’s journey below.