Harry Styles At Seven Sisters Country Park

Sussex Film Office joined forces with Holmes Productions for Vogue‘s photoshoot with English singer – and now actor – Harry Styles. They headed down to the stunning Seven Sisters Country Park which we had sorted filming persmissions for, and Harry followed in a fancy chauffeur-driven car!

The shoot took place on 11th September 2020, with set up on the 10th and breakdown on the 12th. The actual shoot day was a long one – from 6am until 9.30pm – with over 20 crew members making the magic happen. Props included a marquee for studio space, bikes, trampoline & other sports equipment, statues, various backdrops, kites, and a couple of generators. Our Location Manager was on hand for the entire day to ensure everything went smoothly, and we sourced Runners from our network of crew members to assist on the day. 

And what results! As you can see, Harry wore some eye-catching pieces, and the weather smiled down upon him!

Check out the full article in Vogue here.