In Conversation With Peggy Pictures…

Debi Carter, Production Coordinator chatted to Amber Howorth, Freelance Producer about Peggy Pictures’ recent street filming of “Parking Mad” in and around Brighton’s city centre.

“Parking Mad” sounds a lot of fun…

It’s a short film used as a character taster tape for comedian Jamie D’Souza, shot in mocumentary style. He plays Jay a parking warden who very much dislikes giving parking tickets much to his colleagues despair! His real passion is zoo keeping…

Remind me – how many were crew and cast?

We had a crew of five and a cast of seven. The cast was rotated, so there was only ever four cast max in a scene; three of which were walk-ons, released once their short scene had been completed. 

Why did you choose Brighton for the film?

Brighton fit well with our script and the Director lives in the city. We shot at multiple locations surrounding Regency Square and Blaker Street. There was quite a lot of building work going on which interrupted our sound, but we were fortunate enough that we could move to a different street and carry on. We had a one camera, a sound bag with small boom pole and microphone and a cart with additional equipment like lenses, microphones, etc. 

The location was well established – the friendly and simple process of obtaining a permit played a major role in keeping the production local, more so if it were to be green lit. 

What’s the plan for that?

The taster tape is not for transmission, but the production company are hoping to get a pilot off the back of the tape – catch a commissioner’s eye and get picked up.

How did you find working with us?

I will say that working with you was an absolute pleasure – you worked incredibly hard at coming to an arrangement that worked for us as a tiny production. I have done many low budget shorts in the past, and my dealings with you have been the best I’ve experienced, something I will remember as I move into working on productions with larger budgets. 

Great to hear! A positive experience then?

Thoroughly professional, friendly and helpful for our small production. Working with the Sussex Film Office was a really positive experience. You went above and beyond to help us get a permit that was within our budget and time frame, and it was a pleasure to work with you. 

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