Infusion filmed with Seven Sisters, anyone?

Seven Sisters Country Park provided the perfect seaside film location for a recent Twinings commercial 

Some days the weather plays along, and it certainly did the day we worked with location manager, Josh Yudkin to shoot this commercial for Twinings Cold In’Fuse.

Josh needed a beach location with a sense of immense space to reflect the brand and communicate the essence of Twining’s new wellbeing range. And this stretch of shingle in Seven Sisters Country Park in Sussex provided just the place. Not only that, the sun came out too.

Despite it being September, it was one of the hottest days of the year, and there were plenty of visitors to the beach. You wouldn’t know it from the beautiful shots captured in the commercial though, and this is one of the reasons we love Seven Sisters as a location – plenty of space.

“Seven Sisters as a location was brilliant! And working with Sussex Film Office and their team made the day feel effortless – even on one of the hottest days of the year.”

– Josh Yudkin, Location Manager

What we organised
The Sussex Film Office arranged the permit for filming in the Seven Sisters Country Park and obtained permission from Natural England to park the car on the beach. We arranged catering and our location manager John Afflatt, was there on the day, ensuring the Josh and his team had everything they needed, including keeping disruptions to a minimum

About the film location
Seven Sisters Country Park is part of the South Downs National Park and encompasses striking grass-topped white cliffs, expansive stretches of shingled beach, the meandering Cuckmere River, and rolling, close-cropped green hills. It’s a varied and rich location between Eastbourne and Seaford on England’s South Coast, approximately an hour and a half from London and close to Gatwick Airport.

We love Seven Sisters because of the diversity of country and coastal filming locations it offers in such a small space.

On the day
The weather was spot on for this shoot. It was a scorcher of a September day, and the location crew handed out bottles of water to fellow beach users who had been caught off guard by the late summer heat. They even drove one older, over-heated couple struggling to return to their car back to the parking lot, saving them the 30-minute walk in the hot sun.

The team definitely went above and beyond on this one after picking up a wallet on beach and tracking down the owner through the dentist appointment card inside. When the owner of the wallet called, our location manager, John Alflatt arranged to drop it back with him in Brighton on his way home.

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