Kathy Burke: Growing Up

After exploring what it means to be a woman in the 21st century and deconstructing our relationship with money, Kathy now sets her sights on the hot button issue of age – examining the new rites of passage at both ends of the life spectrum. From how adulthood is today defined and met for young people. And what growing older means today for those who are just a little wiser. Underpinning both episodes, Kathy wants to find out when we reach those key milestones of youth and age and importantly – what she and others can learn from each end of life.

We worked with Flicker Productions back in June 2022 on this documentary, ensuring permits were arranged in order for them to film Kathy on Worthing beach, and also for them to get some general shots of the area. They chose to film here beach as they were filming in a private contributor’s home in the town. 

Check it out here.