Bridges (in Transport)

  • Railway Bridge Over River

    Railway Bridge Over River

    16-span, 360 metre long steel viaduct bridge constructed in replacement of the former bridge in 1896. The bridge crosses from a large recreational ground across to a residential area. An ideal backdrop location for filming and photography.

  • Farm Under A Flyover

    Farm Under A Flyover

    Located under a busy flyover and close to the river is this farm, making for an unusual but interesting rural-meets-urban location for filming and photography.

  • Wooden Bridge In Woodland  Surrounding

    Wooden Bridge In Woodland Surrounding

    Bridge originally built in 1907 (with later replacements and rebuilds) which features in a popular children’s’ book. Located in a historic forest in the heart of the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, this is a magical and enchanting spot for filming and photography.

  • Swing Bridge

    Swing Bridge

    Built in 1880, this restored, historic 27-tonne cast iron swing bridge crosses the River Ouse and is a Grade II listed structure open to pedestrians and cyclists. Located in a rural setting with beautiful downland scenery around it, this is a great backdrop for filming and photography.

  • Concrete Bridge Road

    Concrete Bridge Road

    Dramatic concrete road bridge with arch over dual carriageway, close enough to shoot from adjacent bridge and see pedestrians.

  • Aquatic Viewing Footbridge Over Lake

    Aquatic Viewing Footbridge Over Lake

    This is a hidden gem located in a busy commuter town and is a designated Site of Nature Conservation Importance. The area is a haven for diverse wildlife, and has a raised steel walkway over the water. A beautiful setting for filming.

  • Pedestrian Bridge

    Pedestrian Bridge

    Concrete bridge with metal railings crossing a major road in a busy town. Great location for urban filming.

  • Rural Bridge and Road

    Rural Bridge and Road

    Bridge crossing the busy London Road north of Brighton. Used by farm vehicles, there are stunning views of the surrounding countryside and would make a great location for rural / road filming.

  • Parkland, Walkways and Underpass

    Parkland, Walkways and Underpass

    In the heart of a cathedral city is this area with a combination of open grass spaces, trees, pathways, cycle paths and a decorated underpass. An interesting location for city filming.

  • Old Toll Bridge

    Old Toll Bridge

    Built in the 18th century and rebuilt in the early 20th century, this wooden former toll bridge is a Grade II* listed structure now used as a footbridge. It would make a great backdrop for any filming or photo shoots.