Residential (in Streets & Roads)

  • City Centre

    City Centre

    Pedestrianised city centre, lined with shops, restaurants and cafes and other businesses, and with a Market Cross at its centre. With plenty of history, this is a great location for street filming and photography.

  • Long Country Road With Traditional Cottages

    Long Country Road With Traditional Cottages

    Long, narrow country lane snaking through the beautiful South Downs National Park and into a small village with traditional stone and brick cottages. A lovely street for filming and photography.

  • Picturesque Cobbled Street

    Picturesque Cobbled Street

    Located just outside the old town wall of a historic town, this picturesque, cobbled street slopes downwards and is comprised of many 18th and 19th century Grade II listed dwellings. A fantastic and charming location for historical filming and photography.