Lewes Castle

Lewes Castle is a Norman castle built after the Battle of Hastings by supporters of William the Conqueror. With its artefacts, history, lovely grounds and panoramic views, this 950 year old fortress is a fantastic location for filming and photography.

Imposing medieval castle located in the historic town of Lewes in East Sussex and constructed from local limestone and flint blocks. It occupies a commanding position on a man-made mount high above the medieval streets of the town and guards the gap in the South Downs cut by the River Ouse. Following the motte and bailey design, the castle actually has two moats, and steep steps from the beautifully kept gardens lead up to the keep from which you can enjoy spectacular views across the county.

The adjoining Barbican House Museum showcases artefacts from prehistoric to medieval Sussex, and has a specialist history and archaeological bookshop.

All filming and photoshoot enquiries are handled by Sussex Film Office.