13th Century Chancel On A Nature Reserve

ID: 8055
County: West Sussex

This church stands in a tranquil corner of a large churchyard, down a little lane. At first sight it appears to be a simple cemetery chapel. In fact it is the 13th century chancel of a large Norman church. The main part of the church was removed in 1864 and rebuilt in a coastal town nearby to serve the growing population. Features inside include a magnificent monument dating from 1537, vivid carvings, a modern stained glass window which features a beautiful depiction of a local nature reserve, and another modern stained glass window made in 1969 – an intriguing combination of ancient and modern coupled with the many footpaths and wildlife makes this a delightful location for filming and photography. Although there are a number of magnificent features here, the interior retains its simple, homely feel, invoking an intimate and sacred atmosphere.

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