19th Century Italian Renaissance Style Church

ID: 8048
County: East Sussex

This mid-19th century church was built to serve wealthy society, near a gleaming new estate of terraced mansions by the sea. Set back from the seafront, the Italian Renaissance style and symmetry and grandeur of this 1827 church perfectly matches the neighbouring squares and terraces. Inside, light streams through skylights and dances through the stained glass. In 1925 superb baldacchinos were added over the altar and font to fulfil the parish priest’s desire that the church should become ‘a little bit of Italy in [the street]’. The beautiful painted ceiling features the sun surrounded by a crescent moon, a comet, Saturn and stars. A series of fine nineteenth-century monuments offer an excellent introduction to the good and great who worshipped here in the church’s heyday. A stunning location for filming and photography.

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