A seaside town established in the 11th Century by Norman Conquerors

From Shoreham by Sea to Hollywood for a almost a decade

Shoreham by Sea

Established towards the end of the 11th century by Norman conquerors, Shoreham is a sea-side town in West Sussex.

In 1857, Shoreham fort was built and in 1914 converted to a film studio. For almost a decade, Shoreham became the seaside equivalent of Hollywood, with major productions like The Mayor of Casterbridge (1978) and Little Dorrit (2008) filmed at the studios.

Shoreham airport, formally known as Brighton City Airport is the perfect filming location, with a history of housing military aircraft and its unique structure. The location appeared in The DaVinci Code (2006)!

Shoreham has become a mixture of traditional seaside town with a modern sea ferrying port. With modernisation over the years and iconic imagery such as it’s large collection of House boats which reside along the mud flats. Shoreham has a special atmosphere and the prospect of being a very popular filming location once more.

Shoreham- by- Sea is serviced by Shoreham- by- Sea Train station and is 56 miles of the M25. 


River: Shoreham-by- sea contains the remarkable River Adur, full of an abundance of wildlife and stunning all year round.

Seafront: It couldn’t be ‘Shoreham-by-sea’ without the sea! Shoreham beach is a local nature reserve mapping 26.2 hectares. It is a shingled beach which is a rare sight itself.

Roads and Streets: Fully of lovely streets that are considerably quieter than the hustle and bustle of London, Shoreham is an enjoyable town to drive through and film in.

Countryside: Shoreham is a lovely mixture of woods, parks and various other green spaces! 

Historic: Shoreham fort, Brighton City Airport, St. Mary de Haura Church are some the most historic and popular filming sites in Shoreham’s and for good reason.

Port: Shoreham port is one of the largest cargo ports in the South East. Full of industrial structures, boats and cargo ships it provides an incredible setting that is hard to replicate.

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