Rich Holiday Poor Holiday

Two families, or groups of friends, from the richest and poorest 10%, are swapping holidays. Will it be the holiday of a lifetime or an experience to forget? From the windswept campsites of Britain, to luxury volcano spars of the Caribbean, the holidays give the families time to reflect on what makes a holiday really special, money or friends and family?

Emporium Productions headed over to Sussex to film an episode over a couple of days in May 2023 at the ever popular Brighton seafront, and The Long Man of Wilmington. This episode features a pair of entrepreneurs, Jodie and Anne, who have become accustomed to the finer things in life, including lavish, expensive and exotic holidays in far-flung destinations.

Episode 4 of season 3 follows them as they embark on a somewhat less glamorous holiday, trading places with three friends whose holiday budgets see them embarking on UK-based camping trips in particular.

Watch the episode here!