Such Brave Girls

We received a location enquiry for a TV programme – a pilot for the BBC 3 Comedy “Such Brave Girls” from writer Kat Sadler. The one-off 20-minute sitcom centres around single mother Deb and her two daughters Josie and Billie who are trying to move forward after their husband/father leaves. Sadler plays Josie, and Lizzie Davidson, her real-life sister, plays her on-screen sibling; the story is based on their own family’s experiences.

Filming for “Such Brave Girls” included various scenes shot in and around The Martletts, Crawley’s pedestrianised shopping area. Waterstones featured in the episode – scenes were shot with a small crew, one camera on shoulder facing the cast, no lighting, cables or stands. Scenes were also filmed inside the County Mall Shopping Centre and Apricot clothing shop.