Supporting A Local Filmmaker

We recently worked with local talent Warren Dudley who has just wrapped filming of his new feature film, Fright. Set in an outstanding private location in Sussex that Warren fell in love with whilst recceing, the film is a black and white 1950s style horror about a young agoraphobic girl and her relationship with her mother. Filming took place over 2 weeks in October 2023, and the house proved the perfect choice as the location for the story. It was a pleasure to support Warren on this production, and we asked him a few questions about the project…

Location Selection:
How did you decide to collaborate with the Sussex Film Office for location scouting?
What specific criteria were you looking for in the filming locations?
What challenges did you anticipate when searching for suitable locations?
When I saw the location on the SFO website my creative juices immediately started flowing! It’s amazing. I actually re-wrote some of the story to incorporate the slightly run down nature of the house. I saw a few other options but once I’d recce’d the location we had to have it!
Collaboration with Sussex Film Office:
How did the Sussex Film Office assist in the location scouting process?
What was your experience working with the Film Office team?
The guys at SFO were incredibly helpful in organising the site visits and helping me negotiate a price with the owner of the location… who was also lovely. It takes away the stress of dealing with location owners on your own as it can be fraught with issues.

Creative Benefits:
In what ways did the chosen locations enhance the creative elements of your film?
How did these locations contribute to the overall atmosphere and impact of the project?
The location WAS the atmosphere! We shall be doing our best in the edit to make the house feel like it’s alive and a character in itself.

Challenges and Solutions:
Were there any unexpected challenges during the filming process, and how were they resolved?
Can you share any stories of problem-solving or adaptations made during the project?
Just the usual issue that filming in Sussex throws up… the Gatwick flight path! Luckily we were indoors most of the time. The lane up to the house flooded the day after we finished which was lucky.
Post-Production Plans:
Do you have a timeline for completing post-production, and when do you expect the film to be ready for audiences?
Looking to complete in around 6 months.

Festival Submissions:
Are you planning to submit the film to any film festivals?
Yes. I tend to try and do our world premiere at a festival. Cheaper and easier than doing it ourselves! My last film premiered at The London Independent Film Festival where we won the Audience Award.

Audience Engagement:
How do you intend to engage with your audience and build a community around the film?
Will you be using social media, special screenings, or other methods to connect with viewers?
Social Media is key but with any low budget movie word of mouth is just as important. The owner of the location has actually asked us back to do a screening on Halloween next year which would be great fun.

Goals and Aspirations:
What are your primary goals and aspirations for the film now that it has wrapped? What do you hope to achieve with this project?
Get people to see it… and scare them!

Well, we certainly cannot wait for the film to be released so keep your ears to the ground and watch this space as we will let you know as soon as we have a date! In the meantime, take a look at some of the behind the scenes shots Warren kindly shared with us to give you a taster of the film to come!