SFO Update During Coronavirus Outbreak

During this uncertain time, we want to assure you all that we are still open and working hard to keep productions going in Sussex where possible. Some productions have inevitably been postponed for the safety of both cast and crew, but we envisage that this will make for a very busy Spring/Summer when these productions can get going again and need a quick turnaround.

These productions will need a whole host of cast, crew and locations at potentially quite short notice, and by joining our community you’ll be the first to know when these opportunities become available. If you haven’t yet created an account you can do so here www.filminguk.co.uk/register/supplier. If you already have an account with us please take this time to update your profile, contact details, add a profile picture and recommend a friend, colleague or someone you have worked with in the past.

For filmmakers we also understand that it is difficult for you to be filming at the moment. However, we are on-hand if you need assistance with planning your productions now so the second you can start filming again you are ready to go. We can help with sourcing the perfect locations, getting permits, finding cast and crew and any props or vehicles you may need.

If anyone has any questions or wants more information please email us at hello@sussexfilmoffice.co.uk.