“When the city people arrive in the tiny rural community of Presham after Covid, it spells trouble for the locals. House prices rocket, the cost of living gets too much to bear and the young people are being forced to move away. Four local friends in their late twenties, Toni, Bill, Paul, and Strider get a little… alright, roaring drunk whilst bemoaning their lot, and accidentally commit the first act of highway robbery in England since 1831. On horses and everything.

Fighting hangovers and tremendous guilt the four promise never to do it again… but when the news story brings much needed tourists to the local area (not to mention slowing the rate of city people looking for second homes), they decide it might be in the community’s best interest for the HIghwayPersons (Highwaymen is a bit sexist, and HorsePeople makes us sound like centaurs) to 
ride again.

This is a story about underdogs, people who are happy to work hard but can’t seem to make ends meet. It’s about community, relying on the people around you, and it’s a little bit of light in what could be a dark time.”

Sussex Film Office helped Sunipa Pictures back in October 2022 to find a park location for some of the filming of this trailer for a feature film. We arranged for them to shoot at Happy Valley Park in Woodingdean for a few hours at the end of October. With the trailer now released, they are now fundraising so that they can make the film in full – more details here if you’d like to help make this great story a reality! You can stay up-to-date with the project on their Facebook page. Check out this fantastic trailer below!