The South Coast Killer

News of a terminal illness sets Joseph, a mild-mannered and nervous dad of one off on a killing spree that brings about a game of cat and mouse between he and Harriet, a police officer desperate to rise above sexual and racial discrimination by solving the case. Joseph moves from town to town as his skills improve and body count rises…

With Harriet chasing behind and working outside of the law, flashbacks reveal the true reasoning behind Joseph’s rage and the abusive past he was subjected to at the hands of his mother. Joseph reaches her prepared to exercise his demons and execute the perfect ‘kill’, revealing that she’s dying as opposed to him making this his chance to get revenge before she’s taken away by cancer. But before he can finish the job Harriet intervenes and arrests him, he’s thrown into a car as Sheila is saved by paramedics. Harriet is reluctantly vindicated but Joseph’s demons will continue to torment him behind bars.

Our client Jem Karto got in touch with us at the end of 2022 as he wanted to film a scene up at the iconic Beachy Head as part of this project. He is looking to shoot a 90-second teaser to help raise funds to shoot this 5-episode series. Find out more here and click here for some select frames!