Sussex Film Office has worked on a few TommyInnit projects with Russell Noon at Innit Inc Ltd, all of which were a lot of fun – and this one was no exception! Russ contacted us asking us to find the perfect school location for a giant game of ‘Tag’ that Tommy and his friends would be playing for his YouTube channel. So we immediately got on the case and sent details of a few of our film-friendly schools’ his way, one of which was the perfect setting for what Tommy had in mind. And the shoot went great!

Russ had a few words for us and the school post-shoot:

“Working with SFO is always a straightforward process. Not only is their local knowledge and database invaluable, but their communications between client and location contacts allows for a smooth transition from scouting to the final shoot. 

The location we found ourselves in couldn’t have been more perfect. They were flexible and friendly and allowed the team the freedom to create in their own way, which is always a little different from a typical shoot. They’d done their research on our content, and this allowed us to forgo many of the usual formalities and get right down filming.”

Watch the crazy video!