Why Film In England?

Ever since the first motion picture camera was patented in England in 1888, it has been a lively hub for filming, with nearly 150 years of filming history England has made a name for being the perfect place to film TV, Movies and much much more.

so, Why film in england?

History and our Influence

As a filmmaker, you’ll find numerous benefits to filming in England, one of these is our eventful history and long lasting influence on culture, technology, and the world .

  • Historical Sites: Here in England we have countless unique historical sites – from 11th century castles to the back alleys of London there’s sure to be something for your production.
  • Historical Influence: No story of world history is complete without the influence of England, from a vast empire to a modern developed nation, England was and remains of the most influential countries in the world, playing a key role in every story.

Diversity of nature and architecture

As a filmmaker, you’ll find numerous benefits to filming in England, another of these is our beautifully diverse landscape, intertwined with rich and varying architecture dating back to the Victorian era .

  • Diverse Nature: Here in England we have some beautiful natural sights, with an astounding natural diversity. Ranging from thick luscious forests and expanding plains, to sandy beaches and lakes.
  • Classical Architecture: Without a doubt England’s architecture is one of its strong points – from London’s imposing stone buildings, to the quaint cottages of the Tudor era, to the harsh and industrialist Victorian era architecture, there is sure to be something for every shoot

Financial Incentives

We know that as a filmmaker, you have a strict budget to keep to, by filming in England and taking advantage of local subsidies and tax benefits, you can reduce the cost of filming significantly, making your budget go further.

  • Tax Relief: In England, studios can take advantage of a generous government tax relief on all films made – 25% of the total cost of production.
  • Independent Funding: England places a high emphasis on its vast film industry, and as such there are numerous industry and independent grants and investments that can be applied for, to help financially incentivise the production of films in England.

Studio Facilities

England is home to a number of studio facilities that can help you to polish up and create your film

  • High Tech Studios: Theres a number of cutting edge, high tech studios that will help you to enhance your film, purpose built exactly for productions like yours.
  • Stage Space: Whether it be a small short term shoot, or a long-term and complex shoot, England has the stage space to accommodate your production with specialist facilities designed with film making in mind.

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