Award-Winning Visual Effect Artist and Movie Director Oliver Hollingdale approached us in early March 2023 for a very exciting new project he was working on – feature film Gallowmere! Something twisted lies in the Realm of Eldervin. Dark magic has caused a sickness to fall over the village of Gallowmere. Our heroes Dagon, Nimue and Solomon are led by Jornas to assist in this Campaign to find the root of evil.

We helped Oliver source locations for filming over the course of 3 days towards the end of March: Michelham PrioryAshdown Forest, and Anne of Cleves House – 3 incredible locations that we manage all filming enquiries for. Oliver very kindly gave us some feedback about working with us and the locations: 

“[SFO were] very helpful – quick response and helping the logistical side go as smoothly as possible [and the locations were] amazing! Plus learnt a lot about the history of my home town Sussex which I never knew was there.”

Oliver has said the aim is for a 2024 release date but in the meantime, check out the trailer below!