Walking With Water

Abigail Matheson, a student at Regent’s University London, reached out to us in February as she wanted to film over in Brighton. We facilitated a day’s filming at the seafront for her production, Walking With Water.

Walking With Water is a story of George, a Brighton native who returns to his hometown after a 20-year absence to reunite with his estranged wife Judith, who has since been placed in a care home. George believes the deterioration of her condition will allow him to escape the memories of his previous transgressions but is met with confusing feelings when he discovers she has no recollection of him at all. Faced with difficult emotions of regret and ego, George turns to Lila, a young widow and Judith’s nurse for guidance. Lila, struggling with her sense of self, joins George in this exploration of the consequences of fear and the human struggle with the ideology of redemption.

Abigail dropped us a line after filming to let us know how things went on the day:

The weather was very rough, but we persevered and got beautiful footage. 

We had a behind the scenes photographer who took some stunning photos.

Working with your office was lovely and made the filming process very easy. 

The location was gorgeous and with the West Pier in the background, it had a very iconic Brighton feel that really brought the film to life. 

The production will be released on the film festival circuit, but I can send your office a link once it is completed! It is scheduled to be finished in the beginning of May.”

We can’t wait to see it and wish Abigail well with it on the festival circuit!