Brighton & Hove

A stunning, vibrant, diverse and creative city, Brighton & Hove is the perfect filming location with something for every filmmaker.

Brighton is a vibrant, diverse and creative city offering a variety of locations for filming and photography. Only 50 miles from London, the stunning city provides filmmakers with beautiful landscapes, historic architectural buildings and beaches galore.

Brighton offers location managers numerous options – be it a location for a contemporary production, a period drama or a futuristic series. The city has a setting for all filming requirements!

The Palace Pier takes pride of place on Brighton’s seafront together with the Bandstand, British Airways i360 Viewing Tower and remains of the West Pier along the city’s multiple beaches; all iconic locations available for filming.

Colourful terraced houses line the streets, with new buildings and historic architectural properties spread throughout the city. There’s a variety of roads providing modern and traditional settings together with car parks and on road parking. 

Brighton’s infamous Lanes host a labyrinth of quirky shops, eateries and hidden open areas providing unusual spaces for filming and photography, as well as the twittens that connect the city. 

A perfect location for filming

The city and its nearby areas also offer parks, green and open spaces, including:

There is so much diversity to Brighton’s iconic landscapes, they can be utilised time and time again for a wide range of film productions as well as fashion shoots, stills and photography.

All filming and photoshoot enquiries are handled by Sussex Film Office.





The Lanes & North Laine

Residential Streets

Coastal Road & Promenade



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